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Research Projects


Project 1: "You are not alone": measuring sociological factors involved in altrusitic behavior"

Project Description: Altruism as a pure form of 'other-oriented' helping behavior; can be an ideal type of being helpful to any individual in need,  without any expectations. For a society, maintaining order and predictability in actions of its members is key. Order in a society is achieved when individuals in society are not absolutely self oriented. Measuring Sociological factors involved in altruistic behavior can help design effective policies and programs to reinforce Altruistic behavior in society.
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Project 2: Impact of forming Self Help Group in coping with Post election violence trauma in Mathare Slum

Project Description: The post election violence of 2007 affected many parts of Kenya. In Nairobi the slums were affected the most

Mathare slum in particular being a very clustered slum was severely affected. This led to creation of SHGs in the Slum in

partnership with NCCK, Nairobi and set up small businesses and kiosks through for SHG women. This project is an impact

evaluation of this initiative.


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