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Dr Beatrice S Salasya, She is a development economist with PhD from Wageningen University and is currently the Head of Impact Evaluation at Kickstart International. She is also our esteemed Board secretary

 Dr Felistus Makine, She is a plant pathodologist, but now she is in administration and is the Deputy Director General in charge or out reach and partnerships with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. She is our esteemed Board Member.

Dr Pierre Fallavier, A Senior Development Professional with over 15 years of experience working with the World Bank, UN Agencies, NGOs and Governments. He is currently independant consultant for UN in Afghanistan.

Dr Devanathan Parthasarathy, He is Professor of Sociology at IIT Bombay with 20 years in the field of Applied Sociology and Development Interventions.

Dr Lawrence O Mose, He is the Assistant Director, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, KARI, Headquarters. He is our esteemed board member.

 Dr Valentine Gandhi  Development economist currently working with a UNDP/IFC/AfDB ATMS Project is the Founder of Devcafe and chair the Board.

We also have a Team of Dedicated Researchers, Activists, ICT Experts and Project personnel in our country programs in

Kenya, India, Romania and Canada. We also rely on the skills of our volunteers, moderators and members from 143 countries of our think tank to represent us and partner with us.